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The End of Politics

Tony Blair urges the Italian Left to talk about politics, not scandal. But judicial antiberlusconism is the only resource the Democratic Party appears to be able to deploy against the Center-right. Gianfranco Fini has founded a party on the “principle of legality” yet “legality” looks more like a jibe at Berlusconi’s attempts to stay one step ahead of the magistracy than the self-evident, natural corollary of the rule of law. A section of public opinion supports the primacy of morality over politic but it’s the obscenity-sprinkled moralising of Beppe Grillo, not the morality of Erasmus or Kant. Silvio Berlusconi puts politics before morality but he doesn’t follow Machiavelli or Hobbes, preferring the defense memoranda of his lawyer, Niccolò Ghedini.

These are the consequences of the “juridification of politics”, the abdication of politics to justicialism, moralism and opportunism, a hangover from Tangentopoli and Clean Hands. This is not the pure theory of Hans Kelsen, who viewed law as an autonomous sphere, having no relationship with power and indifferent to impure elements, be they political, social or ethical, as Carl Schmitt noted. It is the mangled grammar, the rough-and-ready syntax of democracy, let alone justice, according to Antonio Di Pietro. To put it another way, politics in free fall.

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