2.4.1 Grammar Spot - Questions

Normal Rule and Exceptions
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 Auxiliar Subject Verb Object

1. Auxiliar = Do or Does*
2. Subject = I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they
3. Verb = drink, play, run, speak, etc.
4. Object = coke, football, the marathon, English, etc.

  1. Do you drink coke?
  2. Does* she play football?
  3. Do we run the marathon this year?
  4. Does he speak English?
Exceptions: Can, Have.

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 Auxiliar Subject Verb Object

  1. Do you can come to lunch on thursday?/Can you come to lunch on Thursday?
  2. Do you have order some food?/Have you ordered** some food?
  3. Does she can play piano?/Can she play piano?
  4. Does you has got a sister?/Has you got a sister?
Exceptions: To be.

 1 2 3
 Auxiliar    Subject Object

  1. Do you are a police man?/Are you a police man?
  2. Does she is pregnant?/Is she pregnant?

1.Make some example with different verbs and subject
Verbs: eat, like, run, walk, sing
Subjects: I, You, He, She, It, We, You, They

  1. Normal rule
  2. Exception Can
  3. Exception Have
  4. Exception to be
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